Eaglereach is nestled on a 640 acre wilderness retreat overlooking mountains, valleys and the distant Barrington Tops. Offering both, seclusion and luxury, we are lucky enough to have a variety of accommodation options close by…suitable for romantic escapes, Business retreat,  holiday or family getaways 

Arinya Lodge 2 Bedrooms. Sleeps 4

Banjos Bushland Retreat 3 lodges. 2-4 bedrooms. Sleeps 24

Bilby Spa Lodge Nature Retreat 3 Bedrooms. Sleeps 6

Bullima Spa Lodge 2 bedrooms

Bundera Lodge 2 bedrooms. Sleeps 6

Cabins in the Clouds  Adults only. 4 cabins. 1-2 bedrooms. Sleeps 10

Eagle Rock Spa Escape3 Bedrooms. Sleeps 6

Gum Tree Haven 4 bedrooms. Sleeps 8

Inala Wilderness Retreat 2 bedrooms. Sleeps 4
Jamevin Lodge 7 bedrooms. Sleeps 16

Little Nest Spa Retreat 2 bedrooms. Sleeps 4

Rocky Mountain Spa Lodge 3 Bedroom. Sleeps 6

Silkwood Spa Lodge3 bedrooms. Sleeps 6

Sugarloaf Spa Cabin 3 bedrooms. Sleeps 6

Valley View Luxury Retreat 4 bedrooms. Sleeps 12

Wanjii II Pool & Spa Getaway 1 bedroom. Sleeps 2

Please treat the communal area & accommodation with respect, and leave shared areas & lodges clean and tidy condition.


Image courtesy of Matts Photography.