Eaglereach Establishes Koala Habitat


Traditionally Koalas inhabited this area and are now sighted occasionally. In accordance with our ecotourism goals of sustainable growth in native flora and fauna one thousand Eucalyptus species have been planted at Eaglereach Wilderness Resort. Located at Clayflat basin these will serve as a primary food sauce for Koalas. The species selected include Canaliculata, Patintenervis, Paniculutala and Tereticornis. This will supplement the already well treed mature top story trees and healthy understorey on the 440 ha Community Property.    Two smaller areas are being developed as secondary habitats and refugees for migrating individuals and expelled juvenile males.  The Eucalyptus species will also benefit other wildlife such as native bees, possums and a wide range of birds as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the property.


Released by Paul A Miley
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