Walking trails



Like everywhere else in the bush there are potential dangers, so take care and be aware.  Always take the Discovery Map and give someone an idea when you intend returning.                                                       

Wear sensible clothing; long trousers, protective shoes and a hat.  Always carry drinking water.

Never drop a cigarette butt in the bush, and only light fires in the specially constructed barbecue areas.  NEVER light a fire when a total fire ban is in place!

Do not trespass onto another property by ignoring boundary fence.  Please remember, not everything in the bush is friendly.

Wildlife is totally protected in all forms at Eaglereach.  Hunting and shooting is forbidden.  All native flora is also protected.



This walk requires a medium to high level of fitness & takes approximately 1 to 2 hours 1 way, depending on your level of fitness.  It leaves from the marked entrance way about 100m from the boomgate, and contains steep up and down climbs along the escarpment face through volcanic rock formations and grass trees.  Once at the end you will find yourself at the Central Resort Facilities.  Please remember to take plenty of drinking water.


Venture down over 100 steps into the luscious sub-tropical rainforest.  Wander amongst the Moreton Bay Fig, Strangler Fig, Grass Trees, Epiphytes, Blue Fig, Vines & ground ferns just to name few.  Marvel at the native flora and fauna & rest at the Bushman's Humpy. The Walk takes approximately 1hr and requires medium to low level fitness.  Please remember to be careful of the Shiny Leaf Stingy Tree which is found in the rainforest.  The leaves are large, approx. 15cm long and covered in hairs.  It is unlikely that you will come into contact with one, however if you do, the best remedy is to apply sticky tape to the affected area and peel it off.  This pulls out the stinging hairs. 

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